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Establishment of a murine pancreatic cancer pain model and microarray analysis of pain-associated genes in the spinal cord dorsal horn
Wang L, et al.
Molecular Medicine Reports, 16(4), 4429-4436 (2017)
NOTUM Is Involved in the Progression of Colorectal Cancer
Yoon JH, et al.
Cancer, Genomics, and Proteomics, 15(6), 485-497 (2018)
Transcriptional dynamics of cultured human villous cytotrophoblasts
Robinson JF, et al.
Endocrinology, 158(6), 1581-1594 (2017)
Kyung Im Kim et al.
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology, 111(5), 317-324 (2012-06-08)
Copy number variation (CNV) has been reported to be associated with chemotherapy response, which affects disease prognosis. Here, we determined the frequency of genome-wide cytogenetic CNV aberrations in Korean patients with normal karyotype (NK) acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and tested...
Joshua F Robinson et al.
Endocrinology, 158(6), 1581-1594 (2017-03-23)
During human pregnancy, cytotrophoblasts (CTBs) play key roles in uterine invasion, vascular remodeling, and anchoring of the feto-placental unit. Due to the challenges associated with studying human placentation in utero, cultured primary villous CTBs are used as a model of...

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