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Ellen M Green et al.
Biopolymers, 103(4), 187-202 (2014-11-05)
The cyanogen bromide-resistant proteins of lamprey cartilage are biochemically related to the mammalian elastic protein, elastin. This study investigates their mechanical properties and enquires whether, like elastin, long-range elasticity arises in them from a combination of entropic and hydrophobic mechanisms.
Gregory Cole et al.
Biochemistry, 51(25), 5033-5040 (2012-06-07)
Tetherin/Bst-2 is a cell surface protein that can act as a restriction factor against a number of enveloped viruses, including HIV-1. It acts by tethering new virus particles to the host cell membrane, promoting their internalization and degradation. Tetherin is
Jie E Yang et al.
Scientific reports, 10(1), 7939-7939 (2020-05-16)
Enteroviruses support cell-to-cell viral transmission prior to their canonical lytic spread of virus. Poliovirus (PV), a prototype for human pathogenic positive-sense RNA enteroviruses, and picornaviruses in general, transport multiple virions en bloc via infectious extracellular vesicles, 100~1000 nm in diameter, secreted
Kathryn L Wofford et al.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A, 107(6), 1213-1224 (2019-01-24)
Monocyte-derived macrophages play a critical role in directing wound pathology following injury. Depending on their phenotype, macrophages also promote tissue regeneration. However, the therapeutic administration of macrophages with a controlled phenotype is challenging because macrophages are highly plastic and quickly
Bryce V Plapp et al.
Biochemistry, 51(19), 4035-4048 (2012-04-26)
Structures of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase complexed with NAD(+) and unreactive substrate analogues, 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol or 2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorobenzyl alcohol, were determined at 100 K at 1.12 or 1.14 Å resolution, providing estimates of atomic positions with overall errors of ~0.02 Å, the
Malcolm E Tessensohn et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 16(1), 160-168 (2014-11-25)
Voltammetric experiments with 9,10-anthraquinone and 1,4-benzoquinone performed under controlled moisture conditions indicate that the hydrogen-bond strengths of alcohols in aprotic organic solvents can be differentiated by the electrochemical parameter ΔEp (red) =|Ep (red(1)) -Ep (red(2)) |, which is the potential
Eugénie Hébrard et al.
Virology journal, 6, 23-23 (2009-02-18)
VPgs are viral proteins linked to the 5' end of some viral genomes. Interactions between several VPgs and eukaryotic translation initiation factors eIF4Es are critical for plant infection. However, VPgs are not restricted to phytoviruses, being also involved in genome
Kenichi Murai et al.
Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 11(16), 2648-2651 (2013-03-06)
CF3CH2OH was found to be a useful solvent for the oxidative rearrangement reactions of aminals promoted by N-chlorosuccinimide, which proceed via the intermediacy of in situ formed chloro-aminals and that produce 3,4-dihydroquinazolines.
Deborah Chang et al.
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, 19(9), 1533-1545 (2020-07-01)
Influenza A virus (IAV) mutates rapidly, resulting in antigenic drift and poor year-to-year vaccine effectiveness. One challenge in designing effective vaccines is that genetic mutations frequently cause amino acid variations in IAV envelope protein hemagglutinin (HA) that create new N-glycosylation
Nico P M Smit et al.
Journal of proteomics, 109, 143-161 (2014-06-28)
In this study, we have followed up on previous liquid chromatography (LC) multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry (MS) approaches for measurement of apolipoprotein (apo) A-I and apo B100 in serum aiming for implementation of a multiplexed assay in a
Xiqin Yang et al.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 970, 249-255 (2013-01-04)
Supercritical fluid chromatography is an environmentally benign separation technology due to the use of carbon dioxide modified with organic solvents as the mobile phase. It has found widespread use in the separation of chiral compounds based on the relative ease
Afshin Iram et al.
International journal of biological macromolecules, 50(4), 932-938 (2012-06-09)
A systematic investigation on the effects of trifluoroethanol and acetonitrile at various concentrations on cellulase (EC was studied by enzyme assay, intrinsic fluorescence, ANS binding, circular dichroism and ATR-Fourier transform infra red spectroscopy. The results show the presence of
Adam J P Bauer et al.
Macromolecular bioscience, 15(11), 1554-1562 (2015-07-15)
The performance of poly(ϵ-caprolactone) (PCL)-based biomaterials is defined by spatial distributions of PCL's amorphous and crystalline domains. Unfortunately, directly visualizing their inner architectures has been challenging. This study demonstrates, the superior degradation selectivity of Candida antarctica lipase B (CALB) enzyme;
Jesper S Bahnsen et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 32(5), 1546-1556 (2015-03-18)
To investigate the suitability of three antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as cell-penetrating antimicrobial peptides. Cellular uptake of three AMPs (PK-12-KKP, SA-3 and TPk) and a cell-penetrating peptide (penetratin), all 5(6)-carboxytetramethylrhodamine-labeled, were tested in HeLa WT cells and analyzed by flow cytometry
Poornima Ramburrun et al.
Biomedical materials (Bristol, England), 14(6), 065015-065015 (2019-09-19)
The focus of significance in neuronal repair strategies is the design of scaffold systems capable of promoting neuronal regeneration and directional guidance via provision of a biomimetic environment resemblance of native neural tissue. The purpose of this study was to
Thomas S Ream et al.
Molecular cell, 33(2), 192-203 (2008-12-27)
In addition to RNA polymerases I, II, and III, the essential RNA polymerases present in all eukaryotes, plants have two additional nuclear RNA polymerases, abbreviated as Pol IV and Pol V, that play nonredundant roles in siRNA-directed DNA methylation and
Binbin Zhou et al.
Journal of inorganic biochemistry, 118, 68-73 (2012-11-06)
The intracellular α-synuclein (α-syn) protein, whose conformational change and aggregation have been closely linked to the pathology of Parkingson's disease (PD), is highly populated at the presynaptic termini and remains there in the α-helical conformation. In this study, circular dichroism
John P Hodkinson et al.
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM, 26(16), 1783-1792 (2012-07-11)
Amyloid formation is implicated in a number of human diseases. β(2)-Microglobulin (β(2)m) is the precursor protein in dialysis-related amyloidosis and it has been shown that partial, or more complete, unfolding is key to amyloid fibril formation in this pathology. Here
Lucrecia M Curto et al.
Biophysical journal, 103(9), 1929-1939 (2012-12-04)
Δ98Δ is a functional all-β sheet variant of intestinal fatty acid binding protein (IFABP) that was generated by controlled proteolysis. This framework is useful to study the molecular determinants related to aggregation of β-barrel proteins. Albeit displaying increased conformational plasticity
Carla R Angelani et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1844(9), 1599-1607 (2014-06-15)
Δ78Δ is a second generation functional all-β sheet variant of IFABP (intestinal fatty acid binding protein) corresponding to the fragment 29-106 of the parent protein. This protein and its predecessor, Δ98Δ (segment 29-126 of IFABP), were initially uncovered by controlled
Afshin Iram et al.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 533(1-2), 69-78 (2013-03-19)
TFE induces structural alterations of proteins similar to the lipid environment of biological membranes, implicating these studies worthy of analyzing protein conformation in membranes such as red blood cells (RBCs). Heme loss occurs on rupturing of RBCs as found in
Yue Wang et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 412(11), 2423-2432 (2020-02-08)
Isotopic-labeling quantitative N-glycoproteomics characterization of cell-surface differentially expressed N-glycosylation in MCF-7/ADR cancer stem cells (CSCs) relative to MCF-7/ADR cells was carried out at the intact N-glycopeptide level with trypsin digestion, ZIC-HILIC enrichment, isotopic diethyl labeling, RPLC-MS/MS analysis of the 1:1
Vanja Cnops et al.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A, 108(12), 2473-2483 (2020-05-18)
Neurons of the central nervous system do not regenerate spontaneously after injury. As such, biofunctional tissue scaffolds have been explored to provide a growth-promoting environment to enhance neural regeneration. In this regard, aligned electrospun fibers have proven invaluable for regeneration
Ryo Gotoh et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 17(8), 9010-9022 (2012-08-01)
Focusing on the steric and electronic properties of the resonance-stabilized amidine framework, a cationic metal-bisamidine complex was designed as a conjugated combined Lewis-Brønsted acid catalyst. The chiral Zn(II)-bisamidine catalyst prepared from the 2,2'-bipyridyl derived bisamidine ligand, ZnCl₂, and AgSbF₆ promoted
The many roles for fluorine in medicinal chemistry.
William K Hagmann
Journal of medicinal chemistry, 51(15), 4359-4369 (2008-06-24)
Samala Murali Mohan Reddy et al.
Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 12(32), 6181-6189 (2014-07-08)
Peptide based self-assembled structures, especially those from smaller peptides, have attracted much research interest due to their potential applications as biomaterials. These structures have been produced using different solvents (one of the methods), including alcohols, except fluorinated alcohols, which are
Britani N Blackstone et al.
Tissue engineering. Part A, 20(13-14), 1784-1793 (2014-01-15)
Recently, in vitro diagnostic tools have shifted focus toward personalized medicine by incorporating patient cells into traditional test beds. These cell-based platforms commonly utilize two-dimensional substrates that lack the ability to support three-dimensional cell structures seen in vivo. As monolayer
Paula M Ladwig et al.
Clinical chemistry, 60(8), 1080-1088 (2014-05-07)
Measurement of IgG subclasses is a useful tool for investigation of humoral immune deficiency in the presence of total IgG within reference intervals and IgG4-related disease. Nephelometry has been the method of choice for quantification. We describe an LC-MS/MS method
Anjali Jha et al.
Biophysical journal, 103(4), 797-806 (2012-09-06)
An important goal in studies of protein aggregation is to obtain an understanding of the structural diversity that is characteristic of amyloid fibril and protofibril structures at the molecular level. In this study, what to our knowledge are novel assays
Catherine Pan et al.
Journal of proteome research, 13(11), 4535-4545 (2014-05-24)
Despite extensive research, an unmet need remains for protein biomarkers of Parkinson's disease (PD) in peripheral body fluids, especially blood, which is easily accessible clinically. The discovery of such biomarkers is challenging, however, due to the enormous complexity and huge
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