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Si-Qi Liu et al.
Cancer immunology research, 9(1), 34-49 (2020-11-13)
CD3-bispecific antibodies represent an important therapeutic strategy in oncology. These molecules work by redirecting cytotoxic T cells to antigen-bearing tumor cells. Although CD3-bispecific antibodies have been developed for several clinical indications, cases of cancer-derived resistance are an emerging limitation to
Weiwen Liu et al.
The Journal of dermatology, 48(3), 289-300 (2020-12-02)
Androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss disorder. The features of this process are shortening of the anagen phase in hair cycling and progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle. However, the mechanisms in androgenetic alopecia are still
Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4.
U K Laemmli
Nature, 227(5259), 680-685 (1970-08-15)
Weiwen Liu et al.
Journal of Cancer, 9(1), 117-128 (2018-01-02)
Dapivirine is one of reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs). It is the prototype of diarylpyrimidines (DAPY), formerly known as TMC120 or DAPY R147681 (IUPAC name: 4- [[4-(2, 4, 6-trimethylphenyl) amino]-2-pyrimidinyl] amino]-benzonitrile; CAS no.244767-67-7). The purpose of this study is to investigate
Man-Lan Guo et al.
Cell biochemistry and function, 37(2), 72-83 (2019-02-19)
Cancer cell progression and proliferation increase cell density, resulting in changes to the tumour site, including the microenvironment. What is not known is if increased cell density influences the aggressiveness of cancer cells, especially their proliferation, migration, and invasion capabilities.
Multiple tandem epitope tagging for enhanced detection of protein expressed in mammalian cells
Zhang L, et al.
Molecular Biotechnology, 19(3), 313-321 (2001)
Antitumor Activity and Mechanism of a Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor, Dapivirine, in Glioblastoma
Liu W, et al.
Journal of Cancer, 117?128-117?128 (2018)
A Radioisotope-free Oligosaccharyltransferase Assay Method
Yamasaki T and Kohda D
Glycobiology (2007)
Yuntao Lu et al.
Autophagy, 11(12), 2213-2232 (2015-11-11)
The epithelial-to-mesenchymal (-like) transition (EMT), a crucial embryonic development program, has been linked to the regulation of glioblastoma (GBM) progression and invasion. Here, we investigated the role of MIR517C/miR-517c, which belongs to the C19MC microRNA cluster identified in our preliminary
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