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HPLC Analysis of Water-Soluble Vitamins Using Titan C18 Column
The B vitamins are very hydrophilic, consequently a gradient with a low concentration of methanol and acidic mobile phase was used for elution under reversed-phase conditions.
Rapid, Sensitive, and Quantitative LC/MS/MS Determination of Digitoxin and Digoxin in Plasma
Immunoassay-based methods for digitoxin or digoxin exist, but are time consuming, labor intensive, and not selective due to similarities in their chemical structures.
Analysis of Human Plasma Lipids Using sub-2 μM C18 UHPLC Column with MS Detection
A comprehensive platform for lipidomics studies by LC/MS, applied without any modification in conditions and suitable to both ESI and APCI interfaces.
Analysis of Bisphenol A and Analogous Compounds in Infant Formula
SupelMIP SPE-Bisphenol A gave high recovery for baseline resolution of five related compounds with LC-Fluorescence detection.

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