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ZooMAb Antibodies
Learn all about our new ZooMAb® antibodies at Why you should always look for a ZooMAb® antibody first There is never any guessing with ZooMAb® antibodies. All antibodies
ZooMAb Antibodies FAQs
ZooMAb® Antibodies FAQs Why are these called ZooMAb® antibodies? ZooMAb® technology refers to the platform, the technology and feature set that comes exclusively with it. The technology to produce
Brochure-Rethink Western Blotting
Learn all about our new ZooMAb® antibodies at Lysates from NIH3T3 (A) and HepG2 (B) cells were probed with Anti-SOX-9, clone 2B10, ZooMAb® Rabbit Monoclonal (Cat. No
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antibodies (anti HIS, Flag) validated and guaranteed • Prestige® Antibodies (HPA Atlas) • ZooMAb® Antibodies Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay • Detection, cellular localisation and