Lentiviral Vectors

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Enhancing Quality and De-risking Production for Cell & Gene Therapies

Leveraging experience, knowledge, and expertise from almost three decades of viral vector development and manufacturing, we offer a scalable, reproducible, and efficient development solution to de-risk lentivirus production.

Our VirusExpress® platform for lentiviral vectors provides an accelerated path to clinical and commercial GMP manufacturing, through our robust and streamlined approach with optimized upstream and downstream workflows and comprehensive analytics.

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Our Track Record

4 x 108 TU/mL

Industry-leading lentivirus titer

< 12

Months to GMP manufacturing


Batches of lentiviral vector produced


Years of viral vector development and manufacturing


Successful inspections by 6 global regulatory agencies


Gene therapy commercializations supported since 2017

De-risked Lentivirus Production Through Experience

With more than 25 years of experience working with viral vectors, our VirusExpress® platform is designed to accelerate development and de-risk manufacturing of lentiviral vectors through our proven, scalable, and reproducible workflows.

Working with us you gain an efficient and knowledgeable approach, and confidence in the quality of the clinical and commercial manufacturing of your lentiviral vector.

  • Consistent and reproducible high titers
  • Maximized batch yields and quality
  • Streamlined scale-up to 200L and beyond
  • GMP, chemically defined medium
  • GMP banked and characterized cells
  • Regulatory support services

Lentivirus VirusExpress® Platform Advantages

Our team of development and manufacturing experts have successfully compress project timelines and seamlessly scaled-up lentiviral-based gene therapy programs through IND-submission and into clinical trials.

Proven Performance

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  • Used in several client development and manufacturing programs
  • Multiple INDs in process/filed

    Accelerated Timelines

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    • Less than 12 months to GMP manufacturing
    • Save 18 to 20+ months compared to a traditional process timeline

      Cost Savings

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      • Lower operational spend with more productive runs
      • Significantly reduce cell banking costs

        Comprehensive Analytics

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        • In-house analytical testing
        • Fully-qualified external network

          Our Experience is Your Success

          By incorporating optimized upstream and downstream unit operations, along with an extensive analytics portfolio, cell and gene therapy innovators benefit from a de-risked, reproducible, and efficient development approach to seamlessly and robustly scale-up to clinical and commercial manufacturing, while improving overall yield and quality and compressing timelines from project start to GMP manufacturing in less than 12 months.

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