Standard and Hybrid Clearance Services

Our user-friendly facilities allow you to perform your viral clearance study with transparency and support by using our standard or hybrid services

Booking time at one of our facilities to execute your viral clearance study offers an optimal combination of flexibility, productivity, and quality assurance. In a user-friendly setting featuring the latest technology, transparency, and your choice of standard or hybrid clearance packages, our team provides precisely the level of support you require in pursuit of your IND or BLA filing. 

  • Private client suites and laboratories
  • Suite-to-laboratory real-time video streaming
  • On-site IT support
  • Customizable lab set-up to maximize workflow efficiencies based on your requirements
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure successful execution

Your choice of standard or hybrid clearance services

Our standard clearance services make it easy to remain in control as you execute your viral clearance study. You will have access to our team for virus inactivation, freeing you to perform needed chromatography and viral removal filtration (VRF) as you see fit. At any step our team will be available to provide troubleshooting, offer guidance, or support your regulatory needs.

With our hybrid clearance package, we can serve as your co-pilot for completion of your viral clearance study. Collaborate with our team at our facilities, choosing the steps you want to perform while leaving the rest to us. For example, you can handle VRF and then return to your facility to conduct other work while we complete the inactivation and chromatography. Your final report will be delivered to you with our QA sign-off to support your regulatory submission.

To learn how we can meet your unique clearance needs, use our reply form and get in touch today.

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