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Custom Media Development Services

Scientist working with liquid cell culture media

A media solution tailored to your cell line, molecule, and process establishes an optimized foundation for upstream operations.

Whether you leverage our services for a rapid media and feed screening project, or a comprehensive exploration of media options and custom development using statistical and rational design, our flexible engagement structures will meet your specific needs.

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Custom media services that meet exacting standards

Based on your preference, we can take your cell line in-house and conduct all laboratory studies or provide you with experimental designs and interpret results based on your wet lab studies. No matter the approach, we’ll identify a solution that meets your objectives for cell growth, titer, and protein quality, as well as any other specific manufacturing or risk mitigation requirements.

What makes us a preferred partner for media development?

  • We have extensive experience with CHO, HEK and insect cells, as well as other cell lines, and leverage an expansive library of catalog and other media prototype formulations to find the best match for your process.
  • Our experience spans development of media for pre-clinical to commercial molecules, for batch, fed-batch and perfusion applications.
  • We are pioneers in applying advanced approaches such as multivariate analysis, metabolic profiling, and high-throughput screening techniques to media development.
  • We understand that your custom media solution needs to work for the long term and for large-scale production, so we ensure manufacturability and incorporate raw materials with a robust and reliable supply chain.

For decades, biopharmaceutical companies have trusted us to deliver high-performing, high-quality cell culture media solutions for a diverse range of biologics, including formulations for blockbuster drugs currently on the market. If you have a challenging cell line, molecule, or process, you can rely on our expertise and experience to find the right solution.

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