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Lateral Flow Assay Development Services


Developing a precise, accurate, and reliable assay is never easy. From raw material sourcing, to technical considerations, to optimization and ultimate scale-up, a development team counters challenges that strain resources and delay timetables. Savvy developers recognize that assay development and optimization move smoother when optimal raw materials and expert support are identified early in the process.

IVD Assay Development Challenges

Developing a successful diagnostic lateral flow assay (LFA) requires significant expertise in many disciplines

  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Process Scale Up
  • IVD Manufacturing
  • Diagnostic Regulatory Requirements

Optimizing Lateral Flow Assay Performance

Our goal is to work with you to optimize your lateral flow test for success. We provide expertise as a raw material developer, and in particular, a leader in lateral flow membranes to accelerate your IVD commercialization. 

Benefits of Working with a Lateral Flow Membrane Expert

  • Utilize vast knowledge of assay raw material market and kit component interactions for sourcing products
  • Leverage expert lateral flow assay R&D scientists with dedicated laboratories for troubleshooting
  • Avoid common IVD assay development pitfalls and accelerate commercialization
  • Reduce time and supplies in optimization steps
  • Work with a global partner with robust quality systems
  • Expert support can increase confidence in response to regulatory challenges

We are proud to partner with the world’s largest diagnostics manufacturers as well as helping new diagnostics companies navigate compliance requirements and launch the products that will transform healthcare.

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