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Digital Reference Materials

ChemisTwin™, the first-ever digital Reference Material Platform

Effortlessly confirm compound structures and quantify samples with just a few clicks using Chemistwin™. Powered by digital Reference Materials (dRMs), our web-based platform automates NMR analysis and brings confidence and consistency to your results.

Developed and validated by our expert NMR scientists, our dRMs offer greater convenience and reliability compared to traditional spectral libraries. With instant access to the latest, trustworthy dRMs database, see how ChemisTwin ™ can transform your routine NMR analyses!


  • dRM data you can trust, developed by a best-in-class reference material provider according to ISO9001 standards.
  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks such as researching literature, weighing materials, and writing reports.
  • Device independent solution, compatible with all major NMR devices (> 300 MHz).

User Testimonials

“I can see the power and promise that ChemisTwin provides for the field. The introduction of digital reference materials (dRMs), guided workflows, and compatibility with major NMR instrumentation makes it accessible to a variety of users from introductory to advanced backgrounds. . I am excited to see the novelty avenue in terms of efficiency that this technology will allow the scientific community to access as it will simplify the way things are done moving forward.”

-Roberto Chavez, PhD Candidate and NMR Instrumentation Specialist at the UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Department 

“I am very excited. Everybody who is running NMR can immediately see the benefit – it’s time saving. ChemisTwin™ will be a real breakthrough!”

-NMR Lab Head, Pharma Diagnostics

“It’s intuitive and very convenient. The tool leads you where you need to go and is user friendly.”

-NMR Senior Scientist, Contract Lab for R&D and QC

“I personally would invest into that solution. The software will make our students’ lives a lot easier and save them days [in understanding their spectra].”

-NMR Lab Head, Academia

A 3D-rendered robot with a white body, yellow arms, and green accents is holding a tray in its left hand. On the tray, there is a bar graph with the label “R.E.F.” The robot also has a screen on its chest displaying three green battery icons and two curved lines resembling a Wi-Fi signal. The background is green with a slight gradient effect.

Access a Database of Digital Reference Materials produced by MilliporeSigma

The database includes compounds from our comprehensive catalog of Certified Reference Materials and analytical standards. Each dRM is traceable to its physical reference material*. And if you can’t find your favorite compound, submit a request for a new dRM directly in the portal!

The image displays a 3D animated character that resembles a robot. The robot has a white body with green accents on the joints and headband, and a large black visor where eyes would typically be. On the chest of the robot, there is a square with rounded corners displaying a checkmark symbol. The background is yellow, and the robot is giving a thumbs-up gesture with its right hand.

Conduct Qualitative NMR Analyses

Starting with the sample spectrum, upload your file into the portal and select up to 5 dRMs for analysis. Between your sample and the dRMs, the ChemisTwin™ algorithm considers different chemical shifts due to frequency and solvent, moisture content and the presence of impurities to confirm a match.

A graphic of a stylized robot with a white body, green joints, and yellow accents on its head and hands. The robot is holding a magnifying glass in one hand, examining a molecular structure that is floating in the air to its right. The molecular structure consists of black lines representing bonds between red, white, and grey spheres which represent oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms respectively.

Quantify Any Compound

Following a guided calibration workflow, you can quantify any compound even if it is not found within the dRM database. Receive results for mass fraction either in mmol/g or mg/g, when a molecular weight is provided.

A stylized illustration of a robot with a white and green color scheme, holding a paper airplane in its right hand. The robot has a round head with a visor-like eye, and its body appears to be made of various geometric shapes. The background is a simple blue with rounded corners.

Generate and Share Reports

With automatically generated reports, get all the information you need to review and confirm your results. Once approved, your reports are accessible from your dashboard at any time and can be easily shared with colleagues.

The image is a 3D rendering of a robot with a humanoid shape. The robot has a white body with green arms and legs, yellow bands around the joints, and a black visor that appears to be its eyes. The background is purple, and the robot is gesturing towards its chest screen, which displays an application with text.

Review Activity Records for Audits

A comprehensive audit trail is viewable within the ChemisTwin portal, and the deletion of records is not possible. With this information, you can have full confidence in the integrity and traceability of your NMR analysis activities.

*When available, the highest quality grade of the physical equivalent product is always chosen and stated on each dRMs information sheet
** depending on your internet speed, a targeted search including comparison should be completed in less than 20 seconds, a library search may take longer.


Using the registration form, you can request and get access to a no-commitment free trial that gives you 45 free analyses.

We also offer demo sessions during which we can discuss how ChemisTwin™ could work in your specific workflows.

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