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Livestream lab course customer training

Livestream lab course customer training

With more than 170 in-house certified trainers representing our global network of M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, we offer pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers a flexible way to enhance the skill sets of their people with practical, hands-on courses that can be attended in person or streamed live wherever you are. Our training and education options include:

  • A wide range of biopharmaceutical courses, spanning upstream and downstream processing
  • Classroom-style theory, or hands-on training tailored to your needs
  • Focused training on the optimal use of our products, reducing your need for ongoing technical support

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Own your future and learn new skills relevant to your work by exploring a wide array of webinars, videos, and e-learning courses at our e-learning portal, Learn@M.



Learn@M is an innovative e-learning platform developed by and for scientists, operators, and engineers. Whether you are researching the next scientific breakthrough in the lab, focusing on quality through rigorous testing, or optimizing a biopharma manufacturing process, you can now experience the innovative learning management system you need.

  • Flexible, intuitive environment where scientists and engineers across industries and continents have 24/7 access to live and on-demand education.
  • Personalized learning experience for technical experts by offering content recommendations for your individual educational journey.
  • Live and on-demand accessibility gives you the flexibility to achieve your learning goals in any time zone and at your convenience.
  • Access to learner communities and forums where you can network with your peers, share knowledge, and receive support.
  • Includes a comprehensive library of micro learnings where you can consume content at your leisure to support and reinforce the knowledge gained from in-depth courses.

Learn@M is a platform that is constantly growing and evolving to support the advancements within the scientific community.

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