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Common olfactory ensheathing glial markers in the developing human olfactory system.

Brain structure & function (2016-10-09)
Karen Oprych, Daniel Cotfas, David Choi

The in situ immunocytochemical properties of olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) have been well studied in several small to medium sized animal models including rats, mice, guinea pigs, cats and canines. However, we know very little about the antigenic characteristics of OECs in situ within the adult and developing human olfactory bulb and nerve roots. To address this gap in knowledge we undertook an immunocytochemical analysis of the 11-19 pcw human foetal olfactory system. Human foetal OECs in situ possessed important differences compared to rodents in the expression of key surface markers. P75NTR was not observed in OECs but was strongly expressed by human foetal Schwann cells and perineurial olfactory nerve fibroblasts surrounding OECs. We define OECs throughout the 11-19 pcw human olfactory system as S100/vimentin/SOX10+ with low expression of GFAP. Our results suggest that P75NTR is a robust marker that could be utilised with cell sorting techniques to generate enriched OEC cultures by first removing P75NTR expressing Schwann cells and fibroblasts, and subsequently to isolate OECs after P75NTR upregulation in vitro. O4 and PSA-NCAM were not found to be suitable surface antigens for OEC purification owing to their ambiguous and heterogeneous expression. Our results highlight the importance of corroborating cell markers when translating cell therapies from animal models to the clinic.

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Product Description

Monoclonal Anti-Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (NGFR p75) antibody produced in mouse, clone ME20.4, ascites fluid
Anti-Polysialic Acid-NCAM Antibody, clone 2-2B, ascites fluid, clone 2-2B, Chemicon®
Anti-Vimentin Antibody, serum, Chemicon®
IgM Isotype Control from murine myeloma, clone MOPC 104E, 200 μg/mL, buffered aqueous solution, purified immunoglobulin
Monoclonal Anti-Oligodendrocyte Marker O4 antibody produced in mouse, clone O4, purified immunoglobulin, lyophilized powder
Anti-Growth Associated Protein-43 (GAP-43) Antibody, Chemicon®, from rabbit
Anti-Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Antibody, clone GA5, ascites fluid, clone GA5, Chemicon®