• Full-length myocilin protein is purified from mammalian cells as a dimer.

Full-length myocilin protein is purified from mammalian cells as a dimer.

Protein expression and purification (2018-02-24)
Parvaneh Katoli, Adarsh Godbole, Michael J Romanowski, Kirk Clark, Erik Meredith, Veronica Saenz-Vash, Y Karen Wang, Nancy Lewicki, Andrew A Nguyen, Jeffrey M Lynch

Myocilin (MYOC) is a secreted protein found in human aqueous humor (AH) and mutations in the MYOC gene are the most common mutation observed in glaucoma patients. Human AH analyzed under non-reducing conditions suggests that MYOC is not normally found in a monomeric form, but rather is predominantly dimeric. Although MYOC was first reported almost 20 years ago, a technical challenge still faced by researchers is an inability to isolate full-length MYOC protein for experimental purposes. Herein we describe two methods by which to isolate sufficient quantities of human full-length MYOC protein from mammalian cells. One method involved identification of a cell line (HeLa S3) that would secrete full-length protein (15 mg/L) while the second method involved a purification approach from 293 cells requiring identification and modification of an internal MYOC cleavage site (Glu214/Leu215). MYOC protein yield from 293 cells was improved by mutation of two MYOC N-terminal cysteines (C47 and C61) to serines. Analytical size exclusion chromatography of our full-length MYOC protein purified from 293 cells indicated that it is predominantly dimeric and we propose a structure for the MYOC dimer. We hope that by providing methods to obtain MYOC protein, researchers will be able to utilize the protein to obtain new insights into MYOC biology. The ultimate goal of MYOC research is to better understand this target so we can help the patient that carries a MYOC mutation retain vision and maintain quality of life.

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