Reconstitution of composite actin and keratin networks in vesicles.

Soft matter (2018-02-22)
J Deek, R Maan, E Loiseau, A R Bausch

Although cytoskeletal networks are interpenetrating and interacting in living cells, very little is understood as to the effect their interaction has on their properties. Here, as a step towards elucidating the synergistic cellular role of these structural proteins, we investigate isolated keratin and actin composites and show how the in vitro network formation of keratin influences the properties of actin networks and vice versa. By encapsulating purified composite networks into vesicles and separating the time scales of network formation we are able to demonstrate that the actin network stabilizes keratin networks by providing an elastic resistance to their collapse in vitro.

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L-α-Phosphatidylcholine, egg yolk, Type XVI-E, ≥99% (TLC), lyophilized powder
Mineral oil, suitable for preparation of Nujol mulls for infrared spectroscopy, light oil