Oxidative metabolism of anandamide.

Prostaglandins & other lipid mediators (2000-04-29)
S H Burstein, R G Rossetti, B Yagen, R B Zurier

In addition to the well studied hydrolytic metabolism of anandamide, a number of oxidative processes are also possible. Several routes somewhat analogous to the metabolism of free arachidonic acid have been reported. These involve mediation by various lipoxygenases and COX-2 and lead to ethanolamide analogs of the prostaglandins and HETES. The physiological significance of these products is not well understood at this time. There are also preliminary data suggesting a pathway involving oxidation of the hydroxy group of anandamide to a putative metabolite, N-arachidonyl glycine (AA-gly). This molecule displays activities in experimental models that suggest that it may play a role in some of the activities attributed to its precursor, anandamide.