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Facilitated Chromium(VI) Transport across an Ionic Liquid Membrane Impregnated with Cyphos IL102.

Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) (2019-07-05)
Francisco Jose Alguacil

Chromium(VI) is a well-known hazardous element, thus, its removal from aqueous sources is of a general concern. Among the technologies used for the removal of this type of toxic elements, liquid membranes are gaining in importance and the same has occurred with the use of ionic liquids, considered for many, due to their properties, as green solvents. Thus, the present work joined the three previous points, presenting an experimental study about the removal of chromium(VI) by the use of a liquid membrane operation which used the commercially available Cyphos IL102 ionic liquid as a carrier. The experimental variables included: the stirring speed applied to the feed and receiving solution (a key-parameter to gain maximum transport), acid, chromium(VI), sodium hydroxide and Cyphos IL102 concentrations in their various phases. Additionally, the performance of the present system was evaluated both against the presence of other metals in solution and other carriers. The experimental results confirmed that Cyphos IL102 is a good carrier for chromium(VI) transport and, thus, its removal from aqueous streams, and it also performed well in the presence of accompanying metals and against the performance of other commercially available carriers.

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