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Investigation of an Outbreak of Dengue Virus Serotype 1 in a Rural Area of Kribi, South Cameroon: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Intervirology (2019-05-03)
Fredy Brice Nemg Simo, Francine Berlange Sado Yousseu, Armel Evouna Mbarga, Jean Joel Bigna, Armel Melong, Anicet Ntoude, Basile Kamgang, Raphael Bouyne, Paul Moundipa Fewou, Maurice Demanou

On May 2017, a case of dengue serotype 1 was detected and confirmed through routine surveillance in a traveler returning from Kribi, a seaside town of Southern Cameroon. This study aimed at confirming the circulation of dengue virus (DENV) in Southern Cameroon. A cross sectional study was carried out in Londji near Kribi from June 21-25, 2017, by a joint team of Centre Pasteur of Cameroon and the Department of Diseases, Epidemics and Pandemics Control. Blood samples of consented participants were collected and tested for anti-D ENV IgM using an IgM antibody capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (MAC-ELISA), and for the detection of Zika, dengue, or chikungunya viruses using Trioplex real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). DENV RNA-positive samples were serotyped using an end-point nested RT-PCR. Ninety-one participants were enrolled, 50.55% (46/91) of them males. The mean age of the population was 30.71 years (±18.89). In total, 14.28% (13/91) of the participants had DENV infection (3 anti-DENV IgM positive and 10 DENV serotype 1 RT-PCR positive). The detection of DENV serotype 1 in an autochthonous population during this survey is a confirmation that the seaside city of Kribi is a risk area for contracting dengue infection in Cameroon.

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