Chlorfenapyr Residue in Sweet Persimmon from Farm to Table.

Journal of food protection (2019-04-18)
Dong-Kyu Jeong, Hwan-Jun Lee, Ji-Yeon Bae, Yu-Sin Jang, Su-Myeong Hong, Jin-Hyo Kim

The use of the pesticide chlorfenapyr has been increasing over time, with a consequent wider application to crops. However, there is limited information available on the amount and safety of the residues it leaves on crops. The amount of chlorfenapyr residues in sweet persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) at both the pre- and postharvest stages were investigated in this study by calculating its biological half-life. The half-life at the preharvest stage was 8.8 days, shorter than that found during the storage periods at 4 and 20°C, when the half-lives were 11.0 and 23.9 days, respectively. In addition, peeling and washing after harvesting reduced residue content. The majority of the chlorfenapyr residues in sweet persimmon were found in the peel of the fruit, with the pulp containing less than 25% of the total. Thus, peeling effectively removed chlorfenapyr residues and diminished the residues below the limit of quantification in the pulp. In addition, washing with 1.0% alcohol and 0.2% Tween 20 solutions effectively removed 47.8 and 55.6% of the residues, respectively. Furthermore, a 1.0% alcohol solution showed high reduction efficiency for other hydrophobic pesticides, such as dimethomorph and fluquinconazole, up to 78.0%. Chlorfenapyr residues in sweet persimmon can be effectively reduced via storage or peeling and washing practices or a combination of them.

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