Genesis of electron deficient Pt1(0) in PDMS-PEG aggregates.

Nature communications (2019-03-03)
Kairui Liu, Guangjin Hou, Jingbo Mao, Zhanwei Xu, Peifang Yan, Huixiang Li, Xinwen Guo, Shi Bai, Z Conrad Zhang

While numerous single atoms stabilized by support surfaces have been reported, the synthesis of in-situ reduced discrete metal atoms weakly coordinated and stabilized in liquid media is a more challenging goal. We report the genesis of mononuclear electron deficient Pt1(0) by reducing H2PtCl6 in liquid polydimethylsiloxane-polyethylene glycol (PDMS-PEG) (Pt1@PDMS-PEG). UV-Vis, far-IR, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies evidence the reduction of H2PtCl6. CO infrared, and 195Pt and 13C NMR spectroscopies provide strong evidence of Pt1(0), existing as a pseudo-octahedral structure of (R1OR2)2Pt(0)Cl2H2 (R1 and R2 are H, C, or Si groups accordingly). The weakly coordinated (R1OR2)2Pt(0)Cl2H2 structure and electron deficient Pt1(0) have been validated by comparing experimental and DFT calculated 195Pt NMR spectra. The H+ in protic state and the Cl- together resemble HCl as the weak coordination. Neutralization by a base causes the formation of Pt nanoparticles. The Pt1@PDMS-PEG shows ultrahigh activity in olefin hydrosilylation with excellent terminal adducts selectivity.

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1,1,1,3,5,5,5-Heptamethyltrisiloxane, 97%
Allyl methyl sulfone, 96%

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