Phloxine B, a versatile bacterial stain.

FEMS immunology and medical microbiology (2007-03-03)
Reuven Rasooly

The data presented suggest that Phloxine B, a color additive for food, drugs, and cosmetics has a potential use as a nontoxic, faster (<2 min), inexpensive (350 tests for <1 cent material) and simpler to use alternative to Gram staining. Using Phloxine B staining it was possible to differentiate among gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria by visual determination under normal room lighting, light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy. This work demonstrated that Phloxine B can be used as a differential versatile bacterial stain and establishes a correlation between the staining properties of the dye and its bactericidal effect.

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Phloxine B, antibacterial fluorescent dye
Phloxine B, Dye content ≥80 %, certified by the Biological Stain Commission