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Molecular identification of duck DDX3X and its potential role in response to Tembusu virus.

Developmental and comparative immunology (2020-01-04)
Ning Li, Shengnan Jiang, Jun Zhao, Yudong Yang, Kai Deng, Liangmeng Wei, Yumei Cai, Baoquan Li, Sidang Liu

ATP-dependent DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp)-box RNA helicases not only regulate RNA metabolism, but also are involved in host antiviral innate immune responses. It is important to investigate the orthologs of this protein family to broaden our understanding of innate immunity and promote protective strategies against viral infections in ducks. In the current study, duck DDX3X (duDDX3X) was first cloned, which consists of 1959 bp encoding a protein of 652 amino acids. duDDX3X has the typical structure of this family, including nine motifs, DEAD and HELICc domains. The amino acid sequence of duDDX3X shares a high similarity with the DDX3Xs of avian and mammalian. Quantitative real-time PCR indicated that duDDX3X was ubiquitously expressed in nearly all tissues. Overexpression of duDDX3X could activate interferon (IFN)-β and enhance the RIG-I-induced IFN-β yield in duck embryo fibroblast cells. However, duDDX3X had no significant effect on the expression of proinflammatory cytokines such as IL-1β, IL-6, and CXCL-8. Tembusu virus (TMUV) infection significantly downregulated duDDX3X. Overexpression and siRNA interference studies showed that duDDX3X inhibited the replication of TMUV through IFN-β at the early stages of infection. Collectively, our results indicated that duDDX3X could positively modulate type I interferon and play an essential role in response to TMUV infection. This study will contribute to a better understanding of duDDX3X in the innate immune system of ducks and lay a solid foundation for further studies of duDDX3X in antiviral immunity.

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