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Mechanochemical Synthesis of BaTiO3 Powders and Evaluation of Their Acrylic Dispersions.

Materials (Basel, Switzerland) (2020-07-29)
Sonia Kudłacik-Kramarczyk, Anna Drabczyk, Magdalena Głąb, Piotr Dulian, Rafał Bogucki, Krzysztof Miernik, Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, Bożena Tyliszczak

Barium titanate is a ferroelectric perovskite with unique electric properties; therefore, it is widely applied in the fabrication of inorganic coatings or thin films, capacitors, or in the production of devices for energy storage and conversion. This paper describes the mechanochemical synthesis of BaTiO3 from BaO and TiO2 using a ball mill. XRD analysis allowed concluding that barium titanate was formed after 90 min of mechanochemical grinding. It was also proved by spectroscopic analysis and the band corresponding to Ti-O vibrations on obtained Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectra. The specific surface area of obtained powder was 25.275 m2/g. Next, formed perovskite was dispersed in an acrylic poly(ethylene glycol) (superabsorbent polymer suspension, SAP) suspension prepared using microwave radiation. Final suspensions differed in the concentration of SAP applied. It was proven that the increase of SAP concentration does not affect the acidity of the suspension, but it does increase its dynamic viscosity. A sample with 83 wt.% of SAP reached a value of approximately 140 mPa∙s. Dispersions with higher values of SAP mass fraction exhibited lower sedimentation rates. Molecules such as SAP may adsorb to the surface of particles and thus prevent their agglomeration and make them well monodispersed. Based on the performed experiments, it can be concluded that acrylic poly(ethylene glycol) suspension is a suitable fluid that may stabilize barium titanate dispersions.

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Acrylic acid, anhydrous, contains 200 ppm MEHQ as inhibitor, 99%
Barium oxide, 97%

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