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  • Interaction between RECQL4 and OGG1 promotes repair of oxidative base lesion 8-oxoG and is regulated by SIRT1 deacetylase.

Interaction between RECQL4 and OGG1 promotes repair of oxidative base lesion 8-oxoG and is regulated by SIRT1 deacetylase.

Nucleic acids research (2020-05-21)
Shunlei Duan, Xuerui Han, Mansour Akbari, Deborah L Croteau, Lene Juel Rasmussen, Vilhelm A Bohr

OGG1 initiated base excision repair (BER) is the major pathway for repair of oxidative DNA base damage 8-oxoguanine (8-oxoG). Here, we report that RECQL4 DNA helicase, deficient in the cancer-prone and premature aging Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, physically and functionally interacts with OGG1. RECQL4 promotes catalytic activity of OGG1 and RECQL4 deficiency results in defective 8-oxoG repair and increased genomic 8-oxoG. Furthermore, we show that acute oxidative stress leads to increased RECQL4 acetylation and its interaction with OGG1. The NAD+-dependent protein SIRT1 deacetylates RECQL4 in vitro and in cells thereby controlling the interaction between OGG1 and RECQL4 after DNA repair and maintaining RECQL4 in a low acetylated state. Collectively, we find that RECQL4 is involved in 8-oxoG repair through interaction with OGG1, and that SIRT1 indirectly modulates BER of 8-oxoG by controlling RECQL4-OGG1 interaction.

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Benzonase® Nuclease, ≥250 units/μL, ≥90% (SDS-PAGE), recombinant, expressed in E. coli, buffered aqueous glycerol solution
Monoclonal ANTI-FLAG® M2 antibody produced in mouse, 1 mg/mL, clone M2, affinity isolated antibody, buffered aqueous solution (50% glycerol, 10 mM sodium phosphate, and 150 mM NaCl, pH 7.4)
Monoclonal Anti-β-Actin antibody produced in mouse, clone AC-15, ascites fluid
Sample Buffer, Laemmli 2× Concentrate
3X FLAG® Peptide, lyophilized powder
Nicotinamide, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture
Acetyl coenzyme A sodium salt, ≥93% (HPLC), powder
Anti-Mouse IgG (whole molecule)–Peroxidase antibody produced in rabbit, IgG fraction of antiserum, buffered aqueous solution
Trichostatin A, ≥98% (HPLC), from Streptomyces sp.
Piperidine, ≥99.5%, purified by redistillation
Anti-Rabbit IgG (whole molecule), F(ab′)2 fragment−Peroxidase antibody produced in goat, affinity isolated antibody, buffered aqueous solution

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