Superior field performance of waxy corn engineered using CRISPR-Cas9.

Nature biotechnology (2020-03-11)
Huirong Gao, Mark J Gadlage, H Renee Lafitte, Brian Lenderts, Meizhu Yang, Megan Schroder, Jeffry Farrell, Kay Snopek, Dave Peterson, Lanie Feigenbutz, Spencer Jones, Grace St Clair, Melissa Rahe, Nathalie Sanyour-Doyel, Chenna Peng, Lijuan Wang, Joshua K Young, Mary Beatty, Brian Dahlke, Jan Hazebroek, Thomas W Greene, A Mark Cigan, N Doane Chilcoat, R Bob Meeley

We created waxy corn hybrids by CRISPR-Cas9 editing of a waxy allele in 12 elite inbred maize lines, a process that was more than a year faster than conventional trait introgression using backcrossing and marker-assisted selection. Field trials at 25 locations showed that CRISPR-waxy hybrids were agronomically superior to introgressed hybrids, producing on average 5.5 bushels per acre higher yield.

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