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The effect of flavonoid derivatives on doxorubicin transport and metabolism.

Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry (2007-11-21)
Radka Václavíková, Eliska Kondrová, Marie Ehrlichová, Ahcene Boumendjel, Jan Kovár, Pavel Stopka, Pavel Soucek, Ivan Gut

This study investigated the effect of naturally occurring flavonoids and synthetic aurone derivatives on the formation of cardiotoxic doxorubicinol and transport of doxorubicin in breast cancer cells. Quercetin significantly inhibited the formation of doxorubicinol. Quercetin and aurones did not significantly affect transport of [14C]doxorubicin in human resistant breast cancer cells. In conclusion, quercetin should be further tested for its potency to decrease doxorubicin-mediated toxicity.

Product Number
Product Description

Kaempferol, ≥97.0% (HPLC)
Quercetin 3-β-D-glucoside, ≥90% (HPLC)
Kaempferol, ≥90% (HPLC), powder
Isoquercitrin, primary reference standard
Quercetin 3-glucoside, analytical standard

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