Xenopus Cytogenetics and Chromosomal Evolution.

Cytogenetic and genome research (2015-05-30)
Vladimir Krylov, Tereza Tlapakova

The genus Xenopus represents important model organisms in the field of developmental biology and chromosomal evolution. Developmental processes are tightly coupled with the analysis of gene function via genetic linkage and mapping. Cytogenetic techniques such as chromosome banding or FISH are essential tools for the determination of gene position and subsequently for the construction of linkage and physical maps. Here, we present a summary of key achievements in X. tropicalis and X. laevis cytogenetics with emphasis on the gene localization to chromosomes. The second part of this review is focused on the chromosomal evolution regarding both above-mentioned species. With respect to methodology, hybridization techniques such as FISH and chromosome-specific painting FISH are highlighted.

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