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  • Paneth cells mediated the response of intestinal stem cells at the early stage of intestinal inflammation in the chicken.

Paneth cells mediated the response of intestinal stem cells at the early stage of intestinal inflammation in the chicken.

Poultry science (2021-02-02)
Lingzi Yu, Xiaochen Xie, Keyang Jiang, Yi Hong, Zhou Zhou, Yuling Mi, Caiqiao Zhang, Jian Li

The rapid renewal and repair of the intestinal mucosa are based on intestinal stem cells (ISC), which are located at the crypt bottom. Paneth cells are an essential component in the crypt, which served as the niche for ISC development. However, in the chicken, how the function of Paneth cells changes during intestinal inflammation is unclear and is the key to understand the mechanism of mucosal repair. In the present study, 36 HyLine White chickens (7 d of age, n = 6) were randomly divided into 1 control and 5 lipopolysaccharide (LPS) injection groups. The chickens were injected (i.p.) with PBS in the control group, however, were injected (i.p.) with LPS (10 mg/kg BW) in the LPS injection groups, which would be sampled at 5 time points (1 h postinjection [hpi], 2 hpi, 4 hpi, 6 hpi, and 8 hpi). Results showed that tumor necrosis factor-α mRNA transcription in duodenal tissue increased gradually since 1 hpi, peaked at 4 hpi, and then reduced remarkably, indicating that 4 hpi of LPS was the early stage of intestinal inflammation. Meanwhile, the MUC2 expression in duodenal tissue was dramatically reduced since 1 hpi of LPS. The ISC marker, Lgr5 and Bmi1, in the duodenal crypt were reduced from 1 hpi to 4 hpi and elevated later. Accordingly, the hydroethidine staining showed that the reactive oxygen species level, which drives the differentiation of ISC, in the duodenal crypt reduced obviously at 1 hpi and recovered gradually since 4 hpi. The analysis of Paneth cells showed that many swollen mitochondria appeared in Paneth cells at 4 hpi of LPS. Meanwhile, the Lysozyme transcription in the duodenal crypt was substantially decreased since 1 hpi of LPS. However, the Wnt3a and Dll1 in duodenal crypt decreased at 1 hpi of LPS, then increased gradually. In conclusion, Paneth cells were impaired at the early stage of intestinal inflammation, then recovered rapidly. Thus, the ISC activity was reduced at first and recovery soon.

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