• Recent advances in nanoscale materials for antibody-based cancer theranostics.

Recent advances in nanoscale materials for antibody-based cancer theranostics.

Biosensors & bioelectronics (2020-11-16)
Deepak Kukkar, Preeti Kukkar, Vanish Kumar, Jongki Hong, Ki-Hyun Kim, Akash Deep

The quest for advanced management tools or options of various cancers has been on the rise to efficiently reduce their risks of mortality without the demerits of conventional treatments (e.g., undesirable side effects of the medications on non-target tissues, non-targeted distribution, slow clearance of the administered drugs, and the development of drug resistance over the duration of therapy). In this context, nanomaterials-antibody conjugates can offer numerous advantages in the development of cancer theranostics over conventional delivery systems (e.g., highly specific and enhanced biodistribution of the drug in targeted tissues, prolonged systemic circulation, low toxicity, and minimally invasive molecular imaging). This review comprehensively discusses and evaluates recent advances in the application of nanomaterial-antibody bioconjugates for cancer theranostics for the further advancement in the control of diverse cancerous diseases. Further, discussion is expanded to cover the various challenges and limitations associated with the design and development of nanomaterial-antibody conjugates applicable towards better management of cancer.

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SILuLite SigmaMAb Rituximab Monoclonal Antibody, recombinant, expressed in CHO cells