Two stable cell lines for screening of calcium channel blockers.

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology (1995-12-01)
C Seisenberger, A Welling, A Schuster, F Hofmann

Stable cell lines are potentially excellent tools for large-scale screening of new compounds. Two carboxyterminal-deleted constructs of the two splice variants a and b of the calcium channel class C alpha 1 subunit were expressed stably in HEK 293 cells. Each cell line produced regular L-type calcium currents. The opening and closing of the calcium channel elicited by potassium depolarization was followed by Fura-2 transients. These transients were blocked by the calcium channel blocker mibefradil with a concentration for 50% inhibition of 1.7 microM. The cell lines expressing the truncated cardiac alpha 1C-a or smooth muscle alpha 1C-b calcium channel were both blocked by nisoldipine under patch clamp conditions. Nisoldipine interacted with higher affinity with the alpha 1C-b channel than with the alpha 1C-a channel. These results indicate that the two cell lines retain the differential dihydropyridine sensitivity of smooth muscle and cardiac calcium channels and may be potential tools for the screening of L-type calcium channel blockers.

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HH-8 cell line