Pyrrole alkaloids from Bolbostemma paniculatum.

Journal of Asian natural products research (2003-08-23)
Wen-Yong Liu, Wei-Dong Zhang, Hai-Sheng Chen, Zheng-Bing Gu, Ting-Zhao Li, Yun-Zhou

Three pyrrole alkaloids were isolated from Bolbostemma paniculatum. Their structures were elucidated as 4-(2-formyl-5-methoxymethylpyrrol-1-yl)butyric acid methyl ester (1), 2-(2-formyl-5-methoxymethylpyrrol-1-yl)-3-phenylpropionic acid methyl ester (2) and alpha-methyl pyrrole ketone (3) by spectroscopic techniques. Among them, 1 and 2 are new compounds.

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Methyl 2-pyrrolyl ketone, ≥98%, FG
2-Acetylpyrrole, ReagentPlus®, 99%

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