[Combined local therapy in oropharyngeal diseases].

Vestnik otorinolaringologii (2008-05-06)
N L Kunel'skaia, G N Izotova, Iu V Luchsheva, I A Voloshina, M E Artem'ev, Iu S Kudriavtseva

A pilot trial of efficacy of the drugs lisobact and stomatidin in local treatment of acute pharyngitis and combined therapy of tonsillitis and paratonsillar abscess included 82 patients with tonsillitis (n=30), paratonsillar abscess (n=30) and acute pharyngitis (n=22) aged 15-72 years. Effectiveness of the treatment was assessed by changes in clinical symptoms, pharyngoscopic picture and results of bacteriological studies. It was found that treatment with lisobact and stomatidin diminished considerably bacterial contamination of the paratonsillar abscess and pharyngeal mucosa. Local treatment with lisobact and stomatidin for paratonsillar abscess in combination with systemic antibacterial drug reduces the time of hospital stay, in tonsillitis patients - of disability. High compliance to lisobact and stomatidin treatment was observed.

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Hexetidine, mixture of stereoisomers

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