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Enantioselective acute toxicity and bioaccumulation of benalaxyl in earthworm (Eisenia fedtia).

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (2009-08-22)
Peng Xu, Donghui Liu, Jinling Diao, Dahai Lu, Zhiqiang Zhou

The enantioselectivities of individual enantiomers of benalaxyl in acute toxicity and bioaccumulation in earthworm ( Eisenia fedtia ) were studied. The acute toxicity was tested by paper contact test. After 48 h of exposure, the calculated LC(50) values of the R-(-)-form, rac-form, and S-(+)-form were 4.99, 5.08, and 6.66 microg/cm(2), respectively. After 72 h of exposure, the calculated LC(50) values were 1.23, 1.73, and 2.45 microg/cm(2), respectively. Therefore, the acute toxicity of benalaxyl enantiomers was enantioselective. A method for determining residues of the two enantiomers of benalaxyl in earthworm tissue by high-performance liquid chromatography based on cellulose tri-(3,5-dimethylphenyl-carbamate) chiral stationary phase was developed. During the bioaccumulation experiment, the enantiomer fraction in earthworm tissue was maintained approximately at 0.6, whereas enantiomer fraction in spiked soil was maintained at 0.5; in other words, the bioaccumulation of benalaxyl was enantioselective in earthworm tissue. Peak-shaped accumulation curves were observed for both enantiomers, and the calculated biota to soil accumulations (kg dry kg(-1) wet weight) at steady state were below 1 for both enantiomers. During the elimination experiment, 79.0% of R-(-)-enantiomer and 89.6% of S-(+)-enantiomer in earthworm tissue were eliminated within 2 days.

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