[Metallic elements in 31st updating of 67/548/EEC directive].

Giornale italiano di medicina del lavoro ed ergonomia (2009-10-16)
P Apostoli, S Catalani

In this paper the update of directive 67/548/EEC published in Official Journal of the European Union on 16 January 2009 proposes about carcinogenicity of metallic elements is reported and discussed. The main change is represented by the classification R49 and R40 of many species of nickel, organic and inorganic, respectively for their water solubility and particles size. Titanium oxide and 3 tin species are in addition classified as R40. Sodium dichromate moved from R49 (in the 22nd update) to R45 (classified as carcinogen, without restriction on the route of exposure). The list of the 31st updates, if combined with previous list, provides detailed and more precise information on the carcinogenicity of metallic elements in relation to different species, suggesting once again the importance of metallic element speciation.

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Sodium dichromate dihydrate, ACS reagent, ≥99.5%