Levosulpiride in premature ejaculation.

Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad : JAMC (2010-10-01)
Syed Javid Hussain, Atif Hameed, Hassan Shahzad Nazar, Ania Javid, Yousaf Shah, Waqas Hameed, Muhammad Shah Miran

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders. A large number of treatment options have been used so far for the treatment of this dysfunction and still a large number of experts are doing research in this field. Here we have tried to research on the beneficial effects of levosulpiride in the treatment of PE. Eighty-eight patients form different areas of Hazara division suffering from PE were chosen. Sixty-four patients were given levosulpiride and the remaining 24 patients were given placebo. Out of 64 patients who have been given levosulpiride, 30 patients showed very good improvement, 14 patients showed some improvement, 14 patients showed little and 6 patients showed no improvement. Levosulpiride have very good beneficial effects in the treatment of PE.

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(S)-(−)-Sulpiride, ≥98% (titration)
(S)-(−)-Sulpiride, VETRANAL®, analytical standard