Microsomal N- and C-oxidation of 4-substituted N-benzylanilines.

Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems (1985-12-01)
J W Gorrod, N J Gooderham

Using direct specific analytical techniques microsomal metabolism of N-benzyl-4-substituted anilines has been investigated and found to include both N- and C-oxidation. N-Debenzylation was observed with all substrates and species examined. N-Oxidation usually yielded aryl nitrones, although the N-hydroxy derivative of the 4-chloro-substituted substrate was identified in some species. This is the first direct evidence of microsomal N-hydroxylation of a secondary aniline. The metabolic formation of amides from these secondary amines was observed and is believed to be a novel class of metabolite for these substrates.

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N-Benzylaniline, ≥99%