Metabolism of N-hydroxyurethane by guinea pig liver preparations.

Journal of pharmacobio-dynamics (1982-11-01)
K Tatsumi, K Sugihara, Y Kawazoe

The present study demonstrated the metabolism of N-hydroxyurethane by cell-free preparations, i.e., 9000 X g supernatant, cytosol and microsomes, from guinea pig livers. Under anaerobic conditions, the metabolizing activities of these preparations were enhanced markedly by addition of both an NADPH- or NADH-generating system and FAD. When the 30-45% ammonium sulfate fraction from liver cytosol was combined with liver microsomes or milk xanthine oxidase, the metabolic reaction of N-hydroxyurethane proceeded to a greater extent. Thin-layer chromatographic examination showed that urethane was only a metabolite formed from N-hydroxyurethane by these preparations.

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