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Effect of fatty acid on the accumulation of thiamine disulfide in rat skin.

Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (1994-05-01)
Y Komata, A Kaneko, T Fujie

The effect of long chain fatty acid (FA) and its analogs on the accumulation of thiamine disulfide (TDS) in rat skin using propylene glycol as a vehicle was studied in vitro. Lauric acid (12:0) increased the accumulation of TDS in skin, while myristic acid and stearic acid caused a slight decrease in accumulation. Lauryl alcohol and lauric acid methyl ester did not change the accumulation of TDS in the skin. The ratio of the amount of TDS accumulated in skin to the solubility of TDS in the vehicle increased dependent on the concentration of 12:0 added in the vehicle. It was suggested that the increase in the permeability coefficient of TDS by 12:0 results from the enhanced transport of TDS from the vehicle to skin.

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