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Monomeric ferric heme peptide derivatives: model systems for hemoproteins.

Journal of inorganic biochemistry (1995-12-01)
A D Carraway, S L Povlock, M L Houston, D S Johnston, J Peterson

Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of a number of ferric heme peptide derivatives, in aqueous-detergent and various aqueous-alcohol solvent mixtures, have been obtained using samples in the concentration range 0.1-1.0 mM. Some of these were clearly monomeric, homogeneous, mixed-ligand adducts, entirely suitable for use as model systems for hemoprotein spectroscopic studies. As anticipated, the measured EPR parameters were largely independent of solvent environment. Surprisingly, micellar preparations of ferric heme undecapeptide in mildly alkaline solution showed no evidence for the formation of a hydroxide adduct, contrary to a previous report [S. Mazumdar, O. K. Medhi and S. Mitra, Inorg. Chem. 30 700 (1991)].

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