Glucose interference in the pancreolauryl test.

Annals of clinical biochemistry (1998-04-21)
A L Trewick

The influence of the glucose concentration in urines being assayed as part of a pancreolauryl test was investigated. Paired patient urines (n = 5) were assayed at 60 degrees and 70 degrees C, before and after spiking to 5% glucose. The influence of assay temperature alone was assessed using glucose-free paired patient urines (n = 10). Aqueous glucose solutions and spiked (5% glucose) normal random urines (n = 5) were assayed to assess the effect of glucose concentration alone. There was no difference in T/K ratios for glucose-free patient samples at 60 degrees, 70 degrees and 80 degrees C. After spiking with glucose T/K ratios were significantly different when assayed at 70 degrees C, but not when assayed at 60 degrees C. Aqueous glucose solutions > or = 0.6% produced a pigment at temperatures > or = 65 degrees C which absorbed at the lambda max of fluorescein. Glucose was found to interfere in the pancreolauryl test. Caution should be exercised when interpreting results from glucosuric samples.

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Fluorescein dilaurate, suitable for fluorescence, ≥97.0% (HPCE)

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