Uptake of organic gas phase species by 1-methylnaphthalene.

The journal of physical chemistry. A (2006-07-13)
H Z Zhang, P Davidovits, L R Williams, C E Kolb, D R Worsnop

Organic compounds are a significant component of tropospheric aerosols. In the present study, 1-methylnaphthalene was selected as a surrogate for aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) found in tropospheric aerosols. Mass accommodation coefficients (alpha) on 1-methylnaphthalene were determined as a function of temperature (267 K to 298 K) for gas-phase m-xylene, ethylbenzene, butylbenzene, alpha-pinene, gamma-terpinene, p-cymene, and 2-methyl-2-hexanol. The gas uptake studies were performed with droplets maintained under liquid-vapor equilibrium conditions using a droplet train flow reactor. The mass accommodation coefficients for all of the molecules studied in these experiments exhibit negative temperature dependence. The upper and lower values of alpha at 267 and 298 K respectively are as follows: for m-xylene 0.44 +/- 0.05 and 0.26 +/- 0.03; for ethylbenzene 0.37 +/- 0.03 and 0.22 +/- 0.04; for butylbenzene 0.47 +/- 0.06 and 0.31 +/- 0.04; for alpha-pinene 0.47 +/- 0.07 and 0.10 +/- 0.05; for gamma-terpinene 0.37 +/- 0.04 and 0.12 +/- 0.06; for p-cymene 0.74 +/- 0.05 and 0.36 +/- 0.07; for 2-methyl-2-hexanol 0.44 +/- 0.06 and 0.29 +/- 0.06. The uptake measurements also yielded values for the product HD(l)(1/2) for most of the molecules studied (H = Henry's law constant, D(l) = liquid-phase diffusion coefficient). Using calculated values of D(l), the Henry's law constants (H) for these molecules were obtained as a function of temperature. The H values at 298 K in units 10(3) M atm(-1) are as follows: for m-xylene (0.48 +/- 0.05); for ethylbenzene (0.50 +/- 0.08); for butylbenzene (3.99 +/- 0.93); for alpha-pinene (0.53 +/- 0.07); for p-cymene (0.23 +/- 0.07); for 2-methyl-2-hexanol (1.85 +/- 0.29).

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