A FRET enzyme-based probe for monitoring hydrogen sulfide.

Inorganic chemistry (2012-10-18)
Maria Strianese, Gottfried J Palm, Stefano Milione, Olaf Kühl, Winfried Hinrichs, Claudio Pellecchia

Fluorescently labeled cobalt peptide deformylase (Co-PDF) can be efficiently used as a fluorescence-resonance-energy-transfer-based sensing device for hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S). The proof of concept of our sensor system is substantiated by spectroscopic, structural, and theoretical results. Monohydrogen sulfide coordination to Co-PDF and Ni-PDF was verified by X-ray crystallography. Density functional theory calculations were performed to gain insight into the characteristics of the coordination adduct between H(2)S and the cobalt cofactor in Co-PDF.

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Atto 620 maleimide, suitable for fluorescence