Structure of the mouse lysyl oxidase gene.

Genomics (1993-05-01)
S Contente, K Csiszar, K Kenyon, R M Friedman

Lysyl oxidase, an extracellular enzyme involved in the maturation of collagen and elastin, also appears to function as a phenotypic suppressor of transformation by the ras gene product, p21. Genomic clones of the mouse lysyl oxidase gene have been isolated, analyzed, and sequenced. Lysyl oxidase appears to be a single-copy gene, organized into seven exons and six introns, and spans approximately 14 kb of the mouse genome. The gene encodes two messages, sized at about 4.8 and 3.8 kb, that differ in the length of the untranslated sequence at the 3' end of the gene. All of the 3' untranslated sequence and the polyadenylation signals are contained in exon VII; there is no evidence of alternate splicing. Primer extension and ribonuclease protection experiments revealed two sites of transcription initiation in a region with sequence motifs characteristic of a promoter, which was upstream and adjacent to the 5' untranslated sequence found in the cDNA.