Auxin and ethylene: collaborators or competitors?

Trends in plant science (2012-03-13)
Gloria K Muday, Abidur Rahman, Brad M Binder

The individual roles of auxin and ethylene in controlling the growth and development of young seedlings have been well studied. In recent years, these two hormones have been shown to act synergistically to control specific growth and developmental processes, such as root elongation and root hair formation, as well as antagonistically in other processes, such as lateral root formation and hypocotyl elongation. This review examines the growth and developmental processes that are regulated by crosstalk between these two hormones and explores the mechanistic basis for the regulation of these processes. The emerging trend from these experiments is that ethylene modulates auxin synthesis, transport, and signaling with unique targets and responses in a range of tissues to fine-tune seedling growth and development.

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