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Radial diffusive sampler for the determination of 8-h ambient ozone concentrations.

Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) (2007-01-30)
H Plaisance, M Gerboles, A Piechocki, F Detimmerman, E de Saeger

The 8-h ozone radial diffusive sampler was evaluated according to the CEN protocol for the validation of diffusive samplers. All the parameters regarding the sampler characteristics were found to be consistent with the requirements of this protocol apart from the blank value, which must be evaluated and subtracted at each sampling. The nominal uptake rate was determined in laboratory conditions. However, the uptake rate depends on the mass uptake, temperature, humidity and on the combination of temperature and humidity. Based on laboratory experiments, an empirical model has been established which improved the agreement between the radial sampler and the reference method. This improvement was observed under several different meteorological and emission conditions of sampling. By using the model equation of uptake rate, the data quality objective of 30% for the expanded uncertainty included in the O(3) European Directive, is easily attained. Therefore, the sampler represents an appropriate indicative method.

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radiello Diffusive Bodies, blue, configured for sampling light sensitive compounds, pk of 20
radiello Cartridge Adsorbents, for sampling Ozone (O3), matrix microporous PE tube with 4,4′-dipyridylethylene coated silica, pk of 20

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