Synthesis of nano-bowls with a Janus template.

Nanoscale (2014-11-29)
Alexander H Mo, Preston B Landon, Chris D Emerson, Chen Zhang, Paula Anzenberg, Siddhartha Akkiraju, Ratnesh Lal

Colloidal particles with two or more different surface properties (Janus particles) are of interest in catalysis, biological imaging, and drug delivery. Eccentric nanoparticles are a type of Janus particle consisting of a shell that envelops the majority of a core particle, leaving a portion of the core surface exposed. Previous work to synthesize eccentric nanoparticles from silica and polystyrene have only used microemulsion techniques. In contrast we report the sol-gel synthesis of eccentric Janus nanoparticles composed of a silica shell around a carboxylate-modified polystyrene core (Janus templates). In addition, we have synthesized nano-bowl-like structures after the removal of the polystyrene core by organic solvent. These Janus templates and nanobowls can be used as a versatile platform for site-specific functionalization or controlled theranostic delivery.

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2-Propanol, anhydrous, 99.5%
Tetraethyl orthosilicate, 99.999% trace metals basis