Evaluation of a drug with wax-like properties as a melt binder.

Acta pharmaceutica (Zagreb, Croatia) (2006-12-01)
Ravindra S Dhumal, Shamkant L Shimpi, Bhaskar Chauhan, Kakasahib R Mahadik, Anant Paradkar

The study investigates ibuprofen with wax-like properties as a multifunctional agent (as an active component and as a melt binder). Binding efficiency was compared with granules prepared by wet granulation using polyvinylpyrollidone (PVP K-30) as a binder for micromeritic, physical and mechanical properties such as angle of repose, particle size distribution Carr's index, Hausner's ratio, crushing strength, percentage fines, Heckel plot study and tensile strength. To check the binder distribution during melt granulation, the content uniformity was determined. To check changes in the physical state of ibuprofen, XRPD, DSC and FTIR studies were carried out. The present study underlines the fact that ibuprofen may be adopted as a binder in ibuprofen formulations using the melt granulation technique.

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Sodium hydroxide, reagent grade, 97%, flakes
Sodium hydroxide, beads, 16-60 mesh, reagent grade, 97%
Sodium hydroxide, ACS reagent, ≥97.0%, pellets