Cyclin A2 regulates erythrocyte morphology and numbers.

Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) (2016-09-23)
Senthil Raja Jayapal, Heather Yin-Kuan Ang, Chelsia Qiuxia Wang, Xavier Bisteau, Matias J Caldez, Gan Xiao Xuan, Weimiao Yu, Vinay Tergaonkar, Motomi Osato, Bing Lim, Philipp Kaldis

Cyclin A2 is an essential gene for development and in haematopoietic stem cells and therefore its functions in definitive erythropoiesis have not been investigated. We have ablated cyclin A2 in committed erythroid progenitors in vivo using erythropoietin receptor promoter-driven Cre, which revealed its critical role in regulating erythrocyte morphology and numbers. Erythroid-specific cyclin A2 knockout mice are viable but displayed increased mean erythrocyte volume and reduced erythrocyte counts, as well as increased frequency of erythrocytes containing Howell-Jolly bodies. Erythroblasts lacking cyclin A2 displayed defective enucleation, resulting in reduced production of enucleated erythrocytes and increased frequencies of erythrocytes containing nuclear remnants. Deletion of the Cdk inhibitor p27

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