Podosomes of dendritic cells facilitate antigen sampling.

Journal of cell science (2014-01-16)
Maksim Baranov, Martin Ter Beest, Inge Reinieren-Beeren, Alessandra Cambi, Carl G Figdor, Geert van den Bogaart

Dendritic cells sample the environment for antigens and play an important role in establishing the link between innate and acquired immunity. Dendritic cells contain mechanosensitive adhesive structures called podosomes that consist of an actin-rich core surrounded by integrins, adaptor proteins and actin network filaments. They facilitate cell migration via localized degradation of extracellular matrix. Here, we show that podosomes of human dendritic cells locate to spots of low physical resistance in the substrate (soft spots) where they can evolve into protrusive structures. Pathogen recognition receptors locate to these protrusive structures where they can trigger localized antigen uptake, processing and presentation to activate T-cells. Our data demonstrate a novel role in antigen sampling for the podosomes of dendritic cells.

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Anti-Clathrin Light Chain antibody, Mouse monoclonal, clone CON.1, purified from hybridoma cell culture
Monoclonal Anti-Talin antibody produced in mouse, clone 8d4, ascites fluid
Anti-MMP-14 Antibody, catalytic domain, clone LEM-2/15.8, clone LEM-2/15.8, Chemicon®, from mouse
Monoclonal Anti-Vinculin antibody produced in mouse, clone hVIN-1, ascites fluid