Cholesterol Regulates Monocyte Rolling through CD44 Distribution.

Biophysical journal (2017-04-14)
Amit K Saha, Pawel Osmulski, Shatha F Dallo, Maria Gaczynska, Tim H-M Huang, Anand K Ramasubramanian

Cholesterol is an important risk factor of atherosclerosis, due to its active uptake by monocytes/macrophages. Monocyte recruitment from flowing blood to atherosclerotic foci is the key first step in the development of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol content alters cell membrane stiffness, and lateral lipid and protein diffusion. We hypothesized that cholesterol content will modulate the recruitment of monocytes to inflamed endothelial surface by altering the dynamics of adhesion receptors. We depleted or enriched the cellular cholesterol levels using methyl-β-cyclodextran in freshly isolated human monocytes. We investigated the effect of these changes on the mechanics of monocyte rolling on E-selectin surfaces at 1 dyn/cm

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3-(Benzyldimethylammonio)propanesulfonate, BioXtra, ≥99.0% (HPCE)
1-Pyrenedecanoic acid, suitable for fluorescence, ≥98.0% (HPLC)