Tissue-like phantoms for quantitative birefringence imaging.

Biomedical optics express (2017-10-31)
Xinyu Liu, Kathy Beaudette, Xianghong Wang, Linbo Liu, Brett E Bouma, Martin Villiger

Birefringence imaging, including polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT), can provide valuable insight into the microscopic structure and organization of many biological tissues. In this paper, we report on a method to fabricate tissue-like birefringence phantoms for such imaging modalities. We utilize the photo-elastic effect, wherein birefringence is induced by stretching a polymer sample after heating it above its glass-transition temperature. The cooled samples stably exhibit homogeneous birefringence, and were assembled into phantoms containing multiple well-defined regions of distinct birefringence. We present planar slab phantoms for microscopy applications and cylindrical phantoms for catheter-based imaging and demonstrate quantitative analysis of the birefringence within individual regions of interest. Birefringence phantoms enable testing, validating, calibrating, and improving PS-OCT acquisition systems and reconstruction strategies.

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D.E.R. 332, used as embedding medium
Titanium(IV) oxide, mixture of rutile and anatase, nanopowder, <100 nm particle size (BET), 99.5% trace metals basis